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Combine global cutting edge technology with European automatic design experience


Create flexible production solutions for customers to meet industry4.0 requirements

Combined with actual situation to provide customers with affordable intelligent solutions

Advantage Direction

Laboratory Robot Arm Solution

Chip test、mechanical test、biological and chemistry experiment ...

Mooma provides the robot arm automation solution, single or multi-station, for the laboratory, instrument and equipment, so it can complete the corresponding work content under the changeable tasks situation. It  also can replace the experimenter and R&D personnel to complete the boring task and improve the exiting work efficiency. Simultaneously, it can be monitored remotely.

Multi-pin Plug-in Robot Arm Solution

Server memory stripController interfacewires assembly ...

Mooma provides one-step robot arm automation solution for plug-in tasks of multi-pin component based in 3C electronics, electronic fast-moving goods, vehicle electronics and other industries customers need, combined with visual recognition, AI, multi-sensor, mechanical design and other technologies.

Flexible Packaging Robot Arm Solution
Chipboard sheets、cardboard dividers、instructions package、soft pack、label ...
Starting from the actual industry and combining with AI,Mooma has realized the flexible packaging , different of products in single process, in mixed production. The solution has improved the utilization of equipment, reduced thecost of product shift and ensured stable production efficiency.
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