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World leading robot - Franka
German design, German manufacture


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Shanghai moma intelligent technology co., LTD focuses on robotics. At present, the main strategic direction is the application of industrial robots, providing the world's leading robotics technology and solutions for the Chinese market in the direction of industry 4.0. The smart technology of moma applies the world's advanced robot integration technology and combines the operating habits of Chinese factories to create customized solutions for customers in different industrial sectors and facilitate the goal of "made in China 2025". Under the smart technology solution of moma, you can see the scene of workers and robots working together harmoniously, which is exactly what happens in the new type of factory and intelligent factory.

Moma is customer-oriented, adhering to the original intention of helping China's industrial transformation.


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Robot integration
We provide application solutions to end customers and are responsible for the secondary development of industrial robot applications and integration of peripheral automation equipment.
Robot training
We provide robot programming training to end customers or other non-standard manufacturers who do not have the ability to operate robots.
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