The industrial robot intelligent application team from Berlin, Germany, is determined to make industrial robots more intelligent and more flexible through artificial intelligence algorithms, and to provide customers with a one-stop robot intelligent solution that can match the demand of multi-variety and small-batch production under the background of Industry 4.0.

Vision          More intelligent more flexible
Mission        Put intelligent brains in industrial robot
Values         Technology makes customers, innovation makes value, Integrity makes business

Company Profile
Main Business
Flexible application of industrial robot arm MOMA Technology uses AI technology to realize informatization, intelligence, and flexible applications in complex industrial production scenarios and provides one-stop solutions to help customers to match the demands of multi-variety, small-batch production in the Industry 4.0 era.

AI algorithm for the industrial robotic arm Our AI algorithm team is led by global artificial intelligence algorithm experts and provides more targeted AI algorithm development services to customers, from the perspective of actual industrial needs, and our professional engineering teams improve and ensure the robustness and agility of the algorithm.
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Shanghai  China
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Berlin Germany
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